Why Wordspree?

Design skills

We’re strong on design. Your site will look nice, but it won’t be wizzy for the sake of it. It’ll be stylish and appropriate.


We’re literate. If we feel your words don’t make sense or the punctuation is wrong, we’ll make corrections.

Content management

All pages will be content-managed. If you want to, you can change text and images at will.

Personal touch

We’re a tiny team. You get the personal touch, and the conscientiousness that goes with it.

We know our limitations

We work within our capabilities. If we can’t do something (or we don’t think it’s right for you anyway), we’ll say so. We won’t promise to get you top ranking in Google (no one can), but we’ll give you a fighting chance.

Ongoing support

Whilst we’re happy to hand your web site over to you when it’s ready, we tend to stay involved once we’ve started, and continue to advise and support our projects. We try to give a friendly, accessible service, and clients seem happy with the outcome.

We listen

Above all we’re flexible, and we listen. And we’ll try to help without charging for every minute of our time!